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Portable Winch 80/82 V Battery Powered Pulling Winch

Portable Winch 80/82 V Battery Powered Pulling Winch

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People from around the world was gathered when this model was launched in 2018. The very first battery-powered winch.
Equipped with a powerful motor adjustable to three speeds, the PCW3000-Li can be used both indoors and outdoors, down to -14˚C (-6.8˚F). A brushless electric motor that is 360° inclinable. It's a direct drive, meaning no clutch.

Depending on the speed selected and the weight of the load pulled, the battery will give you autonomy for 20 to 40 minutes of continuous pulling, without any loss of power. Always ready to work, no maintenance is required when you put it away.

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  • single line pulling force

    2,200 LB / 1,000 KG

  • Speed

    SPEED 1: 26.6 FT/MIN | 8.1 M/MIN
    SPEED 2: 32.8 FT/MIN | 10 M/MIN
    SPEED 3: 38FT/MIN | 11.6M/MIN

  • Weight

    20 LB | 9.5 KG

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