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FORESTER Chainsaw Chaps - Forestry Chainsaw Safety Gear Heavy Duty Apron Styl...

Short DescriptionFrom the 1200 denier water and oil resistant oxford outer shell with 6"x6" pocket, to the 12-layer chainsaw protection inside, these chaps are built to provide the highest level of protection.
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Frequently asked questions

What type of personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for chainsaw maintenance and forest work?

When it comes to chainsaw maintenance and forest work, it is crucial to prioritize safety. The following PPE items are essential:

  1. Chainsaw-resistant clothing: Wear protective trousers and jackets specifically designed to resist chainsaw cuts and offer increased safety.
  2. Head protection: Utilize a forestry helmet with a built-in visor and hearing protection to safeguard against falling objects and noise.
  3. Eye and face protection: Protect your eyes from debris and wood chips with safety goggles or a face shield.
  4. Hand protection: Use chainsaw-resistant gloves that provide a firm grip and protect against potential cuts.
  5. Footwear: Wear sturdy, steel-toed boots with chainsaw protection to safeguard against falling branches and accidental contact with the chainsaw.

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