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Maasdam 3/4 Ton Long Haul Rope Puller

Maasdam 3/4 Ton Long Haul Rope Puller

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Unlock the power of the Maasdam Long Haul Rope Puller, a versatile tool designed for heavy lifting and pulling tasks. With its high-strength tempered steel frame, aluminum alloy ratchet wheel, and 100% trouble-free "Notch-at-a-Time" letdown, this American-made tool delivers reliability and performance. Invest in the Maasdam® Long Haul Rope Puller, proudly made in the USA, and experience the reliability and strength you need for your most demanding pulling tasks.

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  • High Strength Construction

    Crafted with a high-strength tempered steel frame and handle for durability and longevity.

  • Efficient Ratchet Mechanism

    Featuring an aluminum alloy ratchet wheel for smooth and precise operation.

  • Safety First

    Equipped with drop-forged steel safety latch hooks for secure and worry-free usage.

  • Impressive Load Capacity

    With a 3/4 ton ANSI rating, this rope puller handles heavy loads with ease.

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