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Log Wizard Debarking Tool

Log Wizard Debarking Tool

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Introducing The Log Wizard – the revolutionary chainsaw attachment that empowers your chainsaw with extraordinary capabilities. With The Log Wizard, you gain the freedom to maximize your time and the ability to create with unmatched ease. Simply attach The Log Wizard to any standard chainsaw, and watch as it effortlessly transforms into a debarker, planer, jointer, notcher, or post sharpener.

Whether you're a professional lumberjack or a DIY enthusiast, The Log Wizard empowers you to tackle a wide range of tasks with precision and efficiency. Unlock the potential of your chainsaw and experience the difference with The Log Wizard.

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  • De-Barker

    Remove bark from logs effortlessly, revealing the natural beauty beneath. Equipped with two standard 3 1/4" planer blades for a broad cutting surface on logs.

  • Easy Blade Transfer

    The unique drum design allows for seamless blade transfer, saving you valuable time and money. Crafted with a single construction drum design, The Log Wizard is built to withstand a lifetime of demanding work.

  • Quick Installation & Lightweight design

    Sets up in under 10 minutes, so you can get to work swiftly. Weighing under 3 lbs, it adds minimal weight to your chainsaw for ease of use.

  • Universal Spline/Sprocket System

    Accommodates all pitches of chains, ensuring compatibility with your chainsaw.

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