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Forester 24in Woodman Axe W/ Leather Sheath

Forester 24in Woodman Axe W/ Leather Sheath

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  • Forester 24" Woodman Axe
  • Perfect for Felling, Logging, Trimming, & Camping
  • Curved 24" USA Made Hickory Handle
  • 1.5LB Forged Steel Axe Head
  • Includes Leather Sheath
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    Forged in India using high-quality Swedish steel, this axe ensures exceptional strength and longevity, allowing you to rely on it for your cutting needs for years to come.


    The head of the axe is attached to the handle using both a wooden and steel wedge, providing a robust and reliable connection that ensures stability and safety during use.


    With its long 24in hickory handle and slightly curved grip, this axe delivers the necessary power and leverage for each cut. You can achieve efficient and effective swings, making your tasks easier and more efficient.


    The axe comes with a premium leather edge cover, ensuring the blade is well-protected when not in use. This cover not only safeguards the sharpness of the blade but also adds an extra layer of safety during storage and transportation.

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