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Forester Lightweight Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Blade

Forester Lightweight Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Blade

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Upgrade your brush cutting experience with the Forester Lightweight Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Blade. Available in two convenient sizes and two styles, this blade delivers fast and fine cutting while ensuring a long life. 

Important Note: Please be aware that this blade does not come with an adapter for your weed trimmer. To ensure a secure fit, check with your trimmer manufacturer to confirm compatibility with brush blades. If needed, obtain the correct adapter directly from the manufacturer for a safe and reliable attachment.

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  • Vented & Ultra-Lightweight

    Crafted with lightweight materials, this blade minimizes fatigue during use while maintaining durability. Featuring venting holes for improved cooling and reduced overheating during extended use.

  • Fast & Precise Cutting

    Achieve faster and finer cutting results with the 1.1mm thickness, making quick work of tough vegetation.

  • Universal Arbor Fit

    Designed to fit both 1" and 20mm arbors with an included bushing, ensuring easy installation on a variety of trimmer models.

  • Exceptional Lifespan

    Enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to the carbide tip construction, reducing the need for frequent blade replacements.

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