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Forester Chainsaw Chain Loop 3/8" .050 84 Drives For 24" Bar

Forester Chainsaw Chain Loop 3/8" .050 84 Drives For 24" Bar

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This chain is for some serious cutting! It fits a 24 inch bar, and has full chisel teeth. This type of chain is intended for professionals and those with experience operating chainsaws. Safety chains reduce the likelihood of kickback for less experienced users, but they also seriously limit the rate at which you can cut. This is not a safety chain, and you will notice a defined difference in your cut rate when you switch over. Removing more wood with each passing tooth not only saves time, but it also saves fuel and reduces wear on the chain and your body.

This chain fits a wide variety of chainsaws from brands like Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna, Poulan, and more. It features the most common of all pitch/gauge combinations (3/8" and .050") but does not fit every model. To make sure it will fit yours, first check that your saw uses 3/8" pitch chains. You can find this in the manual, or take your old chain and measure the distance between three consecutive drive links (the rivets that keep the chain together) and then divide that measurement by two. The result should be 3/8". If it is, then ensure that your 24 inch bar uses .050" gauge chains. This should be printed on the bar, but you can also check the part of your old chain that rides in the bar's groove, which should measure .050".

As always when operating a chainsaw, make sure you have adequate training for the equipment you will be using, and make sure to wear safety gear. FORESTER makes a full line of gear to keep you safe while cutting.


  • Full Chisel NON safety chainsaw chain
  • Fits Medium and Large Stihl Husqvarna
  • Standard chain on MANY saws
  • Use all safety gear (not included)
  • Check your saw to make sure this is the chain for you.
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