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Forester Aluminum Climbing Spikes

Forester Aluminum Climbing Spikes

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Elevate your climbing experience with Forester Aluminum Climbing Spikes. These spikes are designed to meet the demands of tree climbers with extra-long gaffs tailored for tree climbing and the option for shorter gaffs ideal for pole climbing. Crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum, they ensure longevity without compromising comfort, thanks to the padded design that can be easily washed and replaced. With wide Velcro cinch straps, a contoured shank, and sharpenable spurs, these spikes provide a secure fit and the convenience of maintenance. Universally sized to fit most climbers, these spikes come with a complete set, including Gaff Guard Covers, a Hi-Vis Carry Bag, Extra Long Spikes Installed, Pads, and Lower Straps. Plus, most parts are available as spares for easy maintenance. Please note that these spikes do not meet the ASTM F887 Flame Retardancy Standard.
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  • Aluminum Frame

    Constructed with light weight, heavy duty aluminum that is easy to carry and comfortable to stand on. Strap climbing equipment on your calf, buckle lower belts to boot or shoe to help get a good grip, non-slip fit.

  • Extra Long Gaffs

    Use extra long gaffs for tree climbing. Short gaffs are also available for pole climbing. Spur can be changed and sharpened easily. Good for picking fruit, gardening, climbing, cutting, tapping, hunting and other tree services.

  • One Size fits all

    These tree climbing spikes are a great multitool. They are designed to fit a wide variety of sizes. They have an overall length that measures 18.5". These work well with most boots. Great for men or women climbers.

  • comfortable padding

    Designed with soft padding on the shin pads which are both washable and replaceable. Made with adjustable, wide velcro cinch straps so you can get the proper fit. Contoured leg irons and foot holder for ultimate comfort.

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