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Vallorbe Round Chainsaw Files 12 Pack

Vallorbe Round Chainsaw Files 12 Pack

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The forestry industry demands top quality and high-performance products which withstand the test of time. The equipment is used in severe conditions and requires impeccable maintenance in order to guarantee the user's safety.

The unrivalled 100% Swiss Made quality, the precision and the exceptionally long service life of our products, as well as our outstanding services have ensured our position as market leader.

Vallorbe® round files for chainsaws will enable you to achieve and maintain optimum cutting performance thanks to gentle, precise and burr-free sharpening.

To help you select the right file for your material, calculate the "pitch" of your chain by measuring the distance between any three rivets (axe to axe) and dividing it by two, as indicated in the diagram below :

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