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Forester Picaroon with USA Hickory Handle

Forester Picaroon with USA Hickory Handle

This Forester hickory-handled pickaroon is designed with the professional in mind. The drop forged head is mounted on an American hickory finish handle to provide the perfect feel and hit. Choose between a 16", 28" or 36" comfort grip handle.

 Multipurpose ◆

Great for loading rounds onto the log splitter, dragging a small branch or log, unloading splits, extraction, retrieval, trail clearing and picking bark. The tip of the pickaroon will wedge into the wood like a knife so that the wood pieces can be moved with ease. Great for gardening, using with a firewood cutter or after chopping timber for your fireplace. Works well in the garden, lawn or yard for the home DIY'er or on the professional job site.

 Very Useful ◆

When it comes to logging tools and equipment, the pickaroon is similar in usefulness to manual logging accessories like the hatchet, axes and pickup tongs. It is a very versatile tool that can be used to save time and minimize the amount of bending and pain that can come from having to grapple with moving logs. When heavy equipment is unavailable or you aren't working with a big piece of wood, a pickaroon device picks up the wood with power and ease. It is the perfect woodmans tool for builders, carpenters, lumber jack, loggers, firefighters, farmer and more.

 ◆ Maintenance and Care 

To avoid having to buy a replacement pickeroon, it helps to apply linseed oil to protect the wooden handle. Wipe down the upper part of the tool with a dry or damp cloth as needed. When the pick becomes dull, use a sharpener with a file to sharpen the blade. With proper care, logging tools can last for years.

 Product Description ◆

  • 1.5 lb Drop Forged Head Made in India
  • USA Hickory Handle
  • New and Upgraded Handle
  • 3 Sizes
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