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FORESTER Brush Cutter Blades and File Set - Trimmer Chainsaw Tooth Saw Blade ...

FORESTER Brush Cutter Blades and File Set - Trimmer Chainsaw Tooth Saw Blade ...

FORESTER: Brush Cutter Blades - Chainsaw Teeth Saw Blade - 7", 14 Tooth Blade - Set includes 3/16" Round File

These ultra heavy-duty chainsaw tooth blades get through whatever you need. We use an advanced carbide construction to give you the longest-lasting performance available and combine that with our logging experience to make a more versatile blade designed to perform in real-world conditions. Our blades are anti-corrosion treated to keep going longer and perform better than the competition.

Get the Job Done
Meet the new workhorse of your lawn tools. This simple blade switch out allows you to do tree trimming, cutting large bushes, thick weeds, problem thorns, and even take down small trees. On your straight trimmer, you can use this to get closer to problems on fence lines and near structures without danger and delivers the power that your weed wacker won't!

Everything You Need
Forester blades use a 1" arbor and 20mm brushing to fit most straight shaft trimmers with 30cc and larger engines. This blade can handle speeds up to 10,000 RPM.

Better Equipment Delivered
Our products meet the highest-quality and most affordable standards available for equipment. We're here to deliver everything you need at with best service possible. If you have questions, or need help for any reason, just contact us and we'll be glad to help. We supply top-of-the-line safety equipment and replacement parts for power tools, and more! Get producs you can trust at prices that work for you.

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